chocolate cake

Chocolate cakes are the oldest and beloved trendy cake of all time. The aroma of the these cake tastes delicious and this is a perfectly delicious dessert for any occasion. Everyone loves chocolate. A cake with dark chocolate topping drools over our tongues. You can order chocolate cake online for your loved ones on any special day. They can deliver you to your doorstep even at midnight.

Chocolate Truffle cake

Love for truffle cake is on-demand always. A chocolate cake with melting dark chocolates is a perfect treat for any occasion. This is the richest and tastiest cake that melts like a chocolate volcano in your mouth. This is filled up with chocolate Ganache over chocolate sponges. It is a favorite for all ages. Truffle cake with berries, hearts, swirls tastes yummy. Other varieties like Choco chip truffle cake where they fill with Choco chips all over the cake. This gives a crunchy spongy chocolate cake flavor. Now there is a trend of keeping your special chocolate bar around the cake for extra flavor like Kit Kat. There is also almond truffle cake where they had added almonds in topping and Ganache for a crunchy flavor.

Oreo chocolate cake

Oreo flavor is one of the unique flavors incorporating that with the chocolate cake gives you a yummy delicious flavor. These cakes are available in eggless flavors too. Cookies blended with choco chips give a crunchy flavor. Here you can choose chocolate or vanilla cake that both taste yummy and delicious. Oreo cake with white frosting cream or vanilla ice cream tastes delicious. Oreo cheesecake is also the trendiest cake with Choco chips and gems. These cake prices are affordable.

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Pinata Chocolate cake  

Pinata cake is one of the famous cakes for surprising your loved ones. Pinata cake is now on every YouTube and Instagram page. These cakes originated in China and became the trendiest and surprising cake nowadays. They were first made like a star pointing to seven sins and the chocolates and candies inside represent the heavenly kingdom. Pinata cakes have become the best celebration nowadays as breaking the top layer gives you a special feeling. You can fill this Pinata cake with chocolates and gift to your loved ones if they love candies.

Kit Kat chocolate cake

The love for Kit Kat never fades. Having a combined taste of Kit Kat with cake gives you a crunchy feel. Here they fill the cake sides with Kit Kat as a wall. You can customize this as per your choice. Kit Kat delight is another type of cake where they make partitions with the Kit Kat as shells and filled up with tutti frutti, candies, and dry fruits.

Rainbow chocolate cake

You can also add colorful gems to the top of the cake. This is one of the favorite types for many kids. This is a perfect treat for those who love kit Kat and Gems. You can include your lovable messages on the top of the cake. Rainbow Kit Kat cakes are dumped up with gems on the top like a gem box. This is a perfect cake for all occasions. You can make shapes like 1 year, 2 years, or any shape in the cake.

Theme based Chocolate cakes

One of the trendiest and evergreen cakes is theme-based cakes. Theme-based cake can be done on any occasion. They can be customized depending on your special day. You can choose any flavor for your theme-based cake. For mother’s day, you can select a theme like mothers in the kitchen, or when it comes to your friends who work passionately you can gift them cake made like weightlifters and so on. Depending on the age you can make shapes. You can select 3 to 4 layers in theme cakes with a unique design.

Photo cakes   

You can take your favorite picture of your special ones to surprise them on their special day. Photo cakes are always the trendiest and you can surprise them with old memories. Chocolate cake topped with the photos tastes yummy. Chocolate cakes are the best for any occasion.

Bottom line 

You can buy cake online and surprise your loved ones with their favorite flavor. As the trend changes every day chocolate cakes are evergreen.


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