bitumen extraction test apparatus

The bitumen testing apparatus is very much important in the whole world of civil engineering because it is directly linked with rural as well as urban development. Bitumen is a petroleum product that is obtained from crude oil and is one of the most important binding materials with load-bearing and thermoplastic properties. It is very easy to melt and is utilised for different kinds of needs of the organisations. Hence, the companies need to depend upon utilisation of bitumen extraction test apparatus and the following is the bifurcation of this particular type of category of apparatus and equipment: 

  1. Redwood viscometer: This particular type of equipment is very well utilised in determining the viscosity of the oils as a time flow in seconds. This equipment includes a silver-plated oil cup along with a cover that has a very precise stainless steel jet that can be closed by a metal ball valve. It is available in two different kinds of models like electrically heated and gas heated.
  2. Saybolt viscometer: This particular equipment is utilised in determining the viscosity of the petroleum products within the 17-210 Fahrenheit temperature range and bitumen materials of 250-450 Fahrenheit temperature range. It includes a cylindrical cup, receiving flask, funnel, withdrawal tube what are the kinds of things which ultimately work very collaboratively and helps in fulfilling the overall process very easily.
  3. Smoke point apparatus: This particular equipment is very well utilised in terms of evaluating the kerosene oil in respect of its ability to burn without any kind of smoke production. This apparatus includes the smoke point lamp with a Vick tube, air inlets and a chimney. The arrangement provided for raising and lowering the oil content of the lamp is also available in this concept.
  4. Ring and ball apparatus: This particular type of equipment is very much successful in terms of determining the softening point of the bitumen and includes two steel balls along with tapered rings in brass, balls entering guides and a ring holder. It is available in different kinds of models like electrically operated and thermometers associated with this concept are also very easily available with top manufacturers of such products.
  5. Film stripping device: This device is used in determining the resistance of bituminous mixture to strip the asphalt from the aggregate particles and helps in judging the adhesive capacity of the material. It can be easily applied to the aggregate section passing 9.5 to 5 mm. It also includes a disc on which four bottles are mounted along with several other kinds of components of the whole equipment.
  6. Ductility testing machine: This equipment is used in determining the hardness number of the asphalt for flooring and includes the insulated cabinet of the base which can be easily fitted with a water bath having two taps. It is available in two different kinds of models and can be used depending upon the temperature and speed controller requirements.

Hence, bitumen testing instruments are very easily available from the house of the best of the manufacturers so that organisations can easily fulfil their overall purposes.


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