Top 10 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners

Whether you’re interested in recording, performing live, or learning from the best players of all time, digital pianos can help you make your musical dreams come true. They offer lots of great features that make it easier to play and sound better than ever before, and there are dozens of different models to choose from depending on your skill level and budget. 

If you’re looking to take your musical abilities to the next level, read on for my list of the top 10 best digital pianos for beginners!

Top 10 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners: Get Musically Equipped for Success!

10 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners
10 Best Digital Pianos for Beginners
  1. Yamaha DGX660-

Are you a newbie looking to make your mark as a musician? Are you in need of some musical equipment, but also on a budget? Then your answer might be Yamaha DGX660. This is an entry-level keyboard digital piano with 88 weighted keys that delivers rich sounds and its incredible ability to record and produce music at any given time. 

It comes with enough features and functions to keep beginners challenged while also providing more experienced players with fun games, great style, as well as portability – all at an affordable price.


2. Roland FA06 Key Folding Keyboard- 

Coming in second place is Roland’s FA06 Key Folding Keyboard. Now, Roland has a lot of experience in making musical equipment, so it comes as no surprise that they have a lot to offer at a good price. You’ll get 88 full-sized keys with synthetic ivory keytops that feel very natural and comfortable to play with. 

The action on these keyboards is very light and easy to play even for beginners. So, if you’re just starting out and want something cheap but decent enough to actually learn on, then go with Roland’s FA06. 


3. Casio AP260 88-Key Keyboard-

For an accessible, yet comprehensive piano that won’t break your budget, look no further than Casio’s AP260. Not only is it a great beginner’s instrument, but also a fantastic option for more advanced players in search of a secondary keyboard. The AP260 boasts impressive features and sound quality at an affordable price, making it perfect for any aspiring pianist who wishes to expand their skill set without breaking the bank. 

At 88 keys and 50 instrument sounds (including 11 digital pianos), 100 rhythm patterns, 100 built-in tones, and three effects (reverb/chorus/equalizer), you can’t beat its versatility or value.


4. Kawai ES110 88-Key Grand Keyboard-

The Kawai ES110 88-Key Grand Keyboard is not only highly affordable, but also offers quality, versatility, and convenience. Not surprisingly, it’s a very popular choice among beginners – including many satisfied customers who have purchased it as their first digital piano. It sounds great and will deliver years of reliable performance. 

It comes with some useful features (such as an L.E.D display screen) that make playing music easier. If you play an acoustic piano or keyboard, you’ll probably like playing on a digital version just as much.


5. Alesis Recital 88 88-Key Keyboard with Stand and Pedal-

This digital piano comes with a weighted keyboard, which is one of its biggest selling points. The keys on an 88-key piano are heavier than on a 76-key model to replicate actual acoustic pianos. It also has an audio line output, so you can connect it to an external sound system or computer and add other instruments like a drum machine or electric guitar. 


6. Brother SA220 Professional 61 Key Electronic Keyboard-

If you’re just beginning your musical journey, it might be a good idea to start with an electronic keyboard. Electronic keyboards are often called midi keyboards or digital pianos because they are capable of producing actual sounds or reproducing real instruments. With a digital piano, you can get used to playing music right away instead of learning something that only plays a few notes and makes no sound at all. 


7. Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Digital Piano Black-

Who would have thought that you could get a full-sized piano sound and feel, at a digital price? The Casio Privia offers just that, providing an authentic piano experience. It also comes with 100 built-in tones and 20 built-in rhythms to help you create your own music right away. It even has separate controls for treble and bass levels so you can adjust them to suit your taste. The keyboard is responsive and while it’s not weighted like acoustic pianos, it feels natural under your fingers.


8. Kawai ES110B 88-Key Compact Semi-Acoustic Piano-

This compact piano can be placed in any room of your home and comes with a sound system as well as several features to help you learn. The sound system has a CD player, aux input, and headphone jack and it is pretty loud. It also has many learning tools that are included such as a tuning feature, metronome, and basic lesson guide. 


9. Korg SP280 61-key digital piano-

If you’re looking for a MIDI keyboard on a budget, it doesn’t get much better than Korg’s SP280. For less than $500, you get 61 weighted keys with great action and piano sounds, plus access to Korg’s Virtual Circuitry Modeling technology. With VCM, you can program your own effects and presets in an intuitive environment that sounds even better than software. 


10. Donner DDP-100-

Donner is known for their beginner-level instruments, and they’ve produced a few digital pianos in recent years. Their DDP-100 is an 88-key weighted keyboard with 61 piano tones, 8 drum sets, and 3 metronome rhythms. The keyboard has a sleek minimalist design and can be connected to your Mac or PC via USB. 

Bottom Line

Digital pianos are great tools, and purchasing one can help you on your way to improving your music skills. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to upgrade your current digital piano, there is a perfect fit out there. Take advantage of these tips when you’re shopping for your next instrument and get ready to become musically equipped!


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