Ah, the romance! Looking through the catalogues of old instruments, you can see all the different styles that have come and gone over time. When you think about a musical instrument you might not be able to remember the name of, but every part is imprinted on your brain because you’ve seen it before in some other work of art or historical monument. If this sounds like anything you’re passionate about, then it’s time to start browsing auctions for vintage instruments.

What is a Musical Instrument Auction

An Musical Instruments Auction is a type of sale where instruments are sold. Musical instruments can be sold in a variety of ways, including through online auctions, live auctions, and private sales. Some of the most expensive musical instruments to be sold at auction are violins. Violins can sell for up to $2 million dollars. However, the most expensive violin ever sold at auction was purchased by an anonymous bidder for $3.59 million dollars.

Instruments that are used in classical music or jazz often sell for much more than violins. A trumpet that is used in a jazz ensemble can sell for up to $1 million dollars.

  • The world’s most expensive trumpet was sold in a private sale for $1.15 million dollars. The world’s most expensive guitar was sold at auction in 2007 for $1.6 million dollars. The instrument was a Stratocaster manufactured by Fender that had been owned by Jimi Hendrix.
  • The world’s second most expensive guitar was sold to an anonymous bidder for $3.6 million dollars in 2010. The guitar had been owned by Eric Clapton and featured in the music video for “Layla” Comfortably Numb.
  • The world’s third most expensive guitar was sold at a 2009 auction for $5 million dollars. It had been used by Eric Clapton during a concert the year before and featured on his album, 24 NightsEric Clapton is not the only artist who has paid a high price for his guitars.
  • The Rolling Stones’ bassist, Bill Wyman, paid $924,000 for a Gibson Flying V that was given to him by Jimi HendrixLegend holds that the instrument has been used by Elvis Presley and John Lennon, as well. It is also said to have been owned by the Beatles and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones.The recent auctions were held in Monaco as part of the 2009 sale of various items belonging to disgraced financier Bernard Madoff. He claimed he got rich investing in alternative energy companies and some experts believe he stole billions of dollars from investors.

How do instruments get sold

Instruments get sold at auctions by auctioneers who work with buyers. They provide musical instrument appraisal and buy the instruments from dealers, who may have acquired them from musicians or collectors.

There are two ways in which an instrument can be sold: struck and unfired. A struck instrument is one that has had a metal bar struck against it to create the sound we hear. An unfired instrument is one that has never been played. It is rarer to find an unfired instrument, as most are used in performance or sold as new.

Instruments can be divided into three categories based on how they are played: acoustic, electric, and classical. Acoustic instruments include stringed instruments such as violins and guitars, as well as woodwinds such as trumpets and flutes. Electric instruments include instruments that use electricity to produce sound, such as keyboards and guitars. Classical instruments use both acoustic and electric technologies, such as a cello that uses a bow to produce sound and an electric guitar that plugs into an amplifier.

The most expensive musical instruments to be sold at auction are typically acoustic or classical instruments. Some of the most expensive acoustic instruments to be sold at auction are a Yamaha C3 Grand Piano and a Stein way D grand piano. The most expensive acoustic instruments to be sold at auction are so-called “vintage” or vintage collectible instruments. These include instruments such as a 17th-century English violin and an 18th-century English flute. Instruments that have been made using modern approaches, such as the famed Gibson Les Paul guitar, rarely sell for more than $10,000, while a 1928 Fender Stratocaster that is sold in its original case with the original owner’s manual can sell for over $60,000.

What Is The Most Expensive Musical Instrument?

There is no doubt that the most expensive musical instrument ever sold at auction was the famous Gershwin Piano sold for $2.6 million in November 2017. However, there are a number of other expensive instruments that have also been sold at auction. Here are the top five most expensive musical instruments to be sold at auction:

  1. The Dorian Gershwin Piano – Sold for $2.6 million in November 2017
  2. The Stradivarius Violin – Sold for $2.3 million in May 2016
  3. The Beethoven Cello – Sold for $1.95 million in October 2015
  4. The Mozart Piano K 320 – Sold for $1.57 million in December 2014
  5. The Guarneri String Quartet (No 3) – Sold for £2million in December 2017


Why Sell Vintage Instruments?

Vintage instruments are some of the most popular items to be sold at auction. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to sell vintage instruments. Some people sell vintage instruments to make money, while others sell vintage instruments to show their appreciation for the music they enjoy.

Selling vintage instruments can be a profitable venture for a number of reasons. First, vintage instruments often have a high value due to their rarity. Second, many Vintage Instruments are in perfect condition and have not been played or abused. This means that they will likely fetch a high price at auction. Third, Vintage Instruments are often unique and customized, which means that they will be difficult to find elsewhere.

Selling vintage instruments is also a way to show appreciation for the music that you enjoy. Many people buy vintage instruments because they want to experience the music in the same way as the original owner did. Selling vintage instruments allows you to do this without having to spend thousands of dollars on an instrument.

Vintage instruments make great gifts for anyone who loves music or vintage style. They can add character and uniqueness to any room in your home, making them a favorite among your guests.

Who Buys Vintage Instruments?

Vintage instruments are often prized possessions, and as a result, they often sell for high prices at auction. Here are the five most expensive musical instruments to be sold at auction.

  1. Bechstein piano – This piano was sold at auction in 2015 for $2.6 million.
  2. Guarneri del Gesu violin – This violin was sold at auction in 2013 for $2.3 million.
  3. Stradivarius violin – This violin was sold at auction in 2010 for $2.06 million.
  4. Violin by Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737) – This violin was sold at auction in 2007 for $1.9 million.
  5. Guarneri del Gesu viola da gamba – This viola da gamba was sold at auction in 2004 for $1.7 million.

Musical Instruments are items that have been used by musicians to create music. These days, there’s no limit to the types of instruments you can find in museums and private collections. True musical instruments are those that are made for playing music. A musical instrument can be anything from a simple flute made out of a hollowed-out gourd, to an elaborate modern violin with more than 7000 strings.As you might expect, the value of these items varies widely depending on demand and supply. In fact people’s fascination with instruments is so great that collecting them has become a popular pastime!


It’s no secret that the world of musical instruments is a lucrative one. With prices that can reach into the millions of dollars, it’s clear that there are a lot of people out there who love to invest in high-quality instruments. As we continue to see an increase in the prices of musical instruments, it’s important to be aware of which ones are going to cost you the most. People often buy instruments that they don’t actually use. Because of this, you can sometimes find extremely expensive instruments on the market if they have poor resale value.


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