Blazy Susan cones
Blazy Susan cones

Blazy Susan Cones is a world-renowned manufacturer, supplier of extra-functional rolling trays and smoking tools. We have our Blazy Susan Rolling Tray (a fully functional spinning rolling tray designed to manage your smoking space and take back your coffee table) as well as our one-of-a-kind pink rolling.

Also known for papers. Become pink smoke simply and easily with rolled pink corners. It measuring on 98 mm in length. These wagon-friendly, GMO-free, and chlorine-free pre-rolled cones are perfect for anyone who can’t afford to smoke.

Each cone includes a Blazy Susan Pink Sorted Filter Tip and a Pink Paper Poker for easy filling.

This hollow whittler’s cut walnut gives whittlers, whether early or modern, pieces of wood that can be painted in a variety of shapes and sizes.

 Blazy Cones is perfect for anyone unable or averse to roll up their sleeves.

Blazy Susan Pre-Rolled Cone-shaped tool:

Generally, it comes in six in a box. All items will be wrapped in a bubble and packed neatly in a box. The blaze pink pre-rolled cones burn slowly and maintain the quality of blaze Susan.

As the implements include pieces of wood. They are perfect for carving because they are soft, deep woods with no knots. This product weighs 0.59 pounds. This pine set includes 3 pieces that are 1-3 / 4 inches by 1-3 inches / 4 inches 5 inches.

However, make sure you also take advantage of our bulk discounts. You can get the best value for money by occupying at least ten boxes at a time.

When it comes to blaze cones, our 50 section punk pre-rolled cones give you the most blasts for your deer. The next time your friends come to sieve, send them home with a stack so they can smoke in style.

  • Blazy Pink Cones
  •  Wagon and smooth burn 
  • Blaise Susan Quality Smoking Products

Blaise Susan Cones USA:

Recently, Natural White Birch – Wooden dowel poles are made from white cane. that is strong and durable. Each wooden stick is 3/4 “in diameter and 12” long.

 These premium wood kilns are dry that removes more moisture from the wood than air dries. This helps the bars to maintain their shape and straightness.

Further, Prevention and ease of paint. These wooden dowel poles are imperfect and absorb stains and paint very well. You can add any kind of finish to this wood.

Who is behind Blaise Susan? Some of you will already know who we are and what we do – while this post will be introductory, you can still choose a couple of things about who we are.

Where to Buy Blaise Susan Cone:

If you want to add some sparkle to your smoking routine, Blazy Punk Rolling Cones are just what you are looking for. Of course not only are they colorful, pink, but they are also non-GMO and wagon friendly.

These cones are made in the USA using premium wood pulp and materials. These 98mm pink pre-rolled cones are slow and fast according to the standard. Each

Although, the Blazy pink pre-rolled cones burn slowly and maintain the quality of blaze Susan.

Blazy Susan Cones Pack:

Blazy Susan 98mm special size cone is great for large parties. They are all pink dyed with natural materials. You can fill your cone with ground-up herbs and release the smoke.

I don’t know why it makes them pink but they burn in the closest way like pink tissue paper. And burn the most uneven horrible canoes. I thought it was collect so something to see and the effort constant. They all burned very quickly and wasted most of the tobacco I had filled. I returned them and ordered my regular paper corners which I love and have been using for years.

Blaise Susan Cone Wholesale:

  • At last, We offer free USA domestic shipping to all customers.
  • Items are shipped with USPS First Class Mail with tracking information.
  • All items will be wrapped in a bubble and packed neatly in a box.
  • All items are shipped in a discretionary package.
  • Items will be shipped within 1 business day.

Blaise Susan Cones; Thanks for purchasing :

Positive feedback will be greatly appreciateYour satisfaction is our priority. We accept returns and will exchange this item must be returned to us in new condition whenever possible. We should be able to sell it a new.



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