Roof leaks are a significant source of property damage for any household. That is a fact. The house’s structural stability is at risk, and water filtering may do a lot of harm.

But what if your roof leaks during a storm? You may wonder, “Should I repair it myself or hire a professional?”

Here is a guide about what to do if you experience a roof leak during a rainstorm.

  • Move Rapidly

During a storm, you may hear or see water trickling through your ceiling if you have a roof leak. Dispersal water stains on the ceiling are another telltale indicator of a leak. If you observe these warning signs, you must take immediate action to avoid a more severe issue.

The first step in preventing extensive damage to your floor is to install water buckets beneath the affected area.

Also, remove and disconnect any electronics that could be on the path of the leak. Water damage to these devices could cause an electrical fire!

Inspect the ceiling and attic for combustible materials as well. Nevertheless, it is critical to note that disconnecting electronics might be risky. If they are wet, do not touch them and switch off the circuit for that area.

  • Release the Pressure

Does the ceiling have not been broken through, but do you still observe drips? You can drill a hole in it to let the water out. Depending on the thickness of your ceiling, you can use a drill or a screwdriver for this.

But that begs the question: why? Simply put, lowering the pressure eliminates the risk of water destroying the entire ceiling. Further, if you poke a hole in your ceiling, you may direct the water flow and strategically put buckets to catch the drips.

  • Track Down the Origin

After we mitigate the immediate threat, it is time to investigate the leak’s origin. Inspect your attic for any obvious evidence of damage, such as cracks or holes. The hole might be on the roof’s exterior if it slopes, enabling water to run down the roof and into the house. Going outdoors during a storm to check is risky. So, it is best to let the experts handle it.

  • Don’t Let It Out of Your Sight

If you can locate the water entryway, use temporary protection. A roofing tape or caulk might work. If you use them up there, you can stop additional water from getting into your attic. Yet, remember that these measures are just temporary! You will need a professional roof leak repair.

  • Just Leave It to the Experts

Could you stop the damage from getting worse by following our advice? That is great! However, we still recommend you get in touch with a roofing contractor.

Kreunen Construction is available to assess any roof damage and make any necessary repairs. We have been fixing roof leaks for over 40 years. No task is too difficult for us, and we assure this because of our hardworking and well-trained staff.

Call Kreunen Construction at 901-245-6571 now! We will help you immediately! We service areas in Memphis, Germantown, and Collierville, TN and Olive Branch, Southaven, and Oxford, MS.

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