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Sew-Ins Are In For Summer

After missing a number of summers thanks to the pandemic, the summer of 2022 has finally arrived! If you’ve been waiting for the summer to show off your greatest appearance, here it is. Take a look at these eye-catching sew in hairstyles to try this summer.


Urban Undercut 

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Edgy Yet Enticing Undercuts Options For Sew in Hairstyles

What could be better than shaving your nape or temples of your head and yet appearing fashionable in the summer? This summer, add an undercut to your normal sew-in hairstyles to lighten your head!

There are several styles to choose from, ranging from hypnotic Mandala designs to zany ones; choose what best reflects your personality and let the hair do the rest!


Babelicious Bob 

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Bob The Heat Beater

Bobs is a great hairstyle if you don’t want to go for an undercut but want something short and sweet. Take your wavy, curly or straight bundles out of the box and try an extra edgy or blunt bob for any event. 

Bob is one-of-a-kind sew in hairstyles that exude confidence while still seeming incredibly trendy.

Sensual Straight 

brazilian virgin hair bundles with closures
Straight Hair- Best Sew in Hairstyles Of All Time

There is no other type of hair like straight hair! It has been and will always be our go-to look for every occasion or everyday wear. Using Brazilian virgin hair bundles with closure, you can keep your hair long or short, naturally black or boldly blonde. 

Choose your desired length/volume & get straight up to your hair game!

Wonderful Waves 

8a brazilian virgin hair body wave
Waves Of Summer 2022

Wavy hair, like that middle child, may be overlooked, but this year is all about making waves with this amazing wavy hairstyle that can be done with 8a brazilian virgin hair body waves

You can go with wavy ponytails or leave it open as you like, whatever you decide to do just know you look wonderful.

Bright Blonde 

straight hair bundles
Be Bold! Be Blonde!

2022 is unquestionably the year to go blonde. This blonde hair is ideal if you distrust bright hues. To refresh your summer style, go blonde on your brazilian virgin hair bundles with closure. 

You can opt for blonde bobs or long sleek hair with straight bundles to beat the heat in a bold blonde way.

Crazy Curls 

curly brazilian virgin hair bundles
The Curly Hair Craze Is In This Summer

Are you a fan of curls as well? Curly sew in hairstyles are so popular that we frequently witness famous celebs and personalities flaunting them on social media and on the red carpet. So don’t be shy with your curly dreams. 

Get them, women have done with the help of some bundles & curling wands. But guess what’s best, going straight for the curly brazilian virgin hair bundles with closure.


Bang Bangs

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Get Ready For Summer With Some Bangs

Bangs are analogous to hair accessories, except they are made of hair! Add bangs to any of your sew in hairstyles with closures for an immediate makeover. Whether you want a ponytail or a bun, add bangs and watch the magic happen. Chose from the blunt bangs or the wispy ones, let the curtain fall with curtain bangs or get it done in layers, anyway there is only magic!


Sew In Hairstyles With Cornucopia Of Colors

sew in hairstyles
Be You With The Right Hues

Adding color to your existing sew-in hairstyles is one of the best methods to modify them. Summer is all about staying cool, so go for bright hues like green, yellow, or pink. 

If you don’t like these colors, try ombre or highlights instead. Choose what you want because many bundles come pre-colored; the possibilities are endless!!



So, my dear girls, are you ready to battle the summer heat in style with the stunning sew in hairstyles mentioned above? Of course, we’re all, right?

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