Gojek Clone

Businesses are going through a significant transformation as they are shifting online. If you are an enthusiastic business owner with a similar plan, this is the right time to get started.

The pandemic has brought many businesses to a break. With WHO’S strict guidelines of social distancing and imposing lockdowns by the local governing bodies, people were working from home and ordering their daily essentials using On-Demand CubeJekX 2021 App. To get on with life and have the day-to-day essentials at home, people heavily rely on Gojek App Clone.

Building Gojek like App has been offering all the essentials solutions on the go. People can avail of any essential services from the wide range of 70+ On-Demand Services.

Looking for the Benefits that Gojek Clone App brings? Below listed include:

Does not require keeping multiple apps

It reduces the need for having multiple apps. Your users will no more have to compromise on the storage space. Since Gojek like App has 70 + different variety of services to choose from.

Your users have to download your app and start ordering. Users can get 70+ different services in single app. they can manage all services simultaneously.

It has sleek navigation that even a non-tech-savvy person can use it.

Automating your entire business operations

The On-Demand Deliveries and other services scheduled are in sync with service providers and the delivery drivers module. Every process is carried out seamlessly. There are no errors, no duplicacy of the orders/services, no goof-ups.

Gojek Clone automating also reduces administrative and operational costs. You will need fewer people on board to take care of your business. The orders/services are managed effortlessly, allows you to enjoy the growing customer base.

Managing and monitoring is easy and accurate

Gojek Clone is built with a vigorous dashboard. It allows you to see the entire business operations. Everything can be minutely studied, and the information is accurate with real-time results. It allows you to know about the gaps and what kind of improvement it needs. This way the analysis and the reports enable you to know about your consumer’s behavior and based on that you can provide personalized information.

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Multiple streams of revenue

At the end of the day, profit is all that matters.

Powerful Gojek like App has 70+ On-Demand Services that not only attract more customers but, bring in more revenue. For every order placed using the app, you can charge a certain amount of commission on it,

As compared to single apps, the app generates e App will generate more revenue and profits compared to single apps. It is a successful business model that every business owner wishes to capitalize on this.

Available at affordable price

Yes, it’s true. You don’t need a huge capital to develop a CubeJekX 2021 App. The apps have a pre-written source code, offering complete customization.

The White-label app like Gojek is all set to launch therefore it makes this Super App easily fit in your budget, quick to launch it in 7 business days.

Core Services Provided by CubeJekX 2021 App

  • Taxi Booking
  • Food Delivery
  • Grocery Delivery
  • Other Deliveries
  • On Demand Services
  • And Many more services

Why do Entrepreneur Prefer the Gojek Clone app?

  1. Offer more services with just one app
  2. Independence of Rates
  3. Transparency in charges
  4. Less Invest And Earn More
  5. Covid-19 safety features
  6. Website Booking Service
  7. 100% customized App
  8. Promo codes and referral rewards

Gojek Clone Advanced Features – September 2021

  • Restricting the driver’s fraud feature prevents the driver to mark “Arrived” before arriving at the destination.
  • Re-assigning the delivery driver for the orders there requires to accomplish. At times the delivery drivers are present around to take up the order, or they have canceled the confirmed order, or have rejected the order. Therefore, in certain scenarios, the admin can re-assign the order.
  • This exclusive feature of the Restaurant menu’s multiple options/toppings allows the restaurant owners to earn more. It allows the users to place an order with variations for which the extra charges are taken.
  • One store multiple categories allows the store owners to register their store under multiple service categories. For instance, the store is offering grocery and medicine both, it can ask Admin to list the store accordingly.
  • The free delivery promo code for specific stores for users to avail free deliveries using the codes. The admin will set the promo codes of “Free Delivery” of the selected store or all stores.
  • Location-wise push-notifications and Banners allow the admin to send alerts/notifications and banners to specific locations so it reaches a specific targeted audience.
  • The advanced rating feature enables the users to rate and give feedback for the food items that have been ordered and delivery services.
  • Using firebase as 3rd party integration for mobile number verification will reduce the cost of the entrepreneurs.
  • SKU Code is added to every item so that the store owners and restaurants can quickly identify it.

Hiring An App Development Team For Building Gojek Clone

Entrepreneurs can explore the benefits of Developing Gojek Clone Script by hiring an Indian-based App Development Team.

We have a best team for this on demand multi services Gojek clone app Development.

This super app is best for who wants to start their own multi-services business. With the help of CubeJekX 2021 App you can expand your business in many countries like Malaysia, Phillippines, Cambodia ,Indonesia ,Thailand ,Vietnam ,USA ,Brazil, and Nigeria.

Make sure you purchase only White-label solutions for your business. This helps you to customize without needing technical help. Having partnered with a reputed app development company comes with several benefits like 24/7/365 technical support, bug support, and upgradation for a year.

Also, the company will provide you with the Gojek Clone Demo trial where you can test the app in the live environment. This way you will be able to know the functioning of the app. Once you have placed the order, the team starts with the white-labeling process and launch the CubeJekX 2021 App in the market in just a matter of days.




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