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People prefer their teeth treatment to deal with problems of the goading, strange noises, and jaw problems, so it is necessary to clean the teeth. Professional dental cleaning services are available at Nashville family dentistry. Mostly,  people want to know what happens during the process of teeth cleaning. Knowing what’s happening throughout the method will reduce your stress and allow you to get better results.

A Physical Exam

Most people get their check-ups after every six months as a physical exam is necessary to maintain their oral health. If you do not maintain your oral health, it will cause serious health issues for you. Both dentists and dental hygienists perform this physical dental examination. 

Dentists are specialized doctors that are specially trained to examine your gums and teeth. Whereas, dental hygienists are trained to clean and maintain your teeth. Pediatric dentists are special dentists for children and are trained to handle accordingly. You can use this dental examination to see your broken teeth, swollen gums, or mouth problems. Dentists also use these exams to educate people about maintaining and cleaning their teeth and gums.

Removing Plaque and Tartar

Your dental hygienists use a scaler to scratch out the plaque or tartar from your teeth. You can hear the sound of scratching, but it will not give you any discomfort. The more tartar and plaque you have on your teeth, the more time it will take to scratch out. When you eat something, micro-organisms in your mouth break down carbohydrates into acid.

That mixes up with the left particles of food and saliva to form plaque or tartar. You can reduce this by brushing or flossing out your teeth. Regular brushing helps to prevent the hardening of tartar but when tartar hardens, you need to visit your dentist. A specialized and trained dentist can provide services to remove plaque and tartar in Nashville.

Gritty Toothpaste Cleaning

When your teeth become tartar or plaque-free completely, your dentist brushes them with a high electric brush that sounds scary. It will remove the remaining tartar particles and help in deep cleaning teeth. Toothpaste cleaning smells and tastes the same as regular toothpaste at home. It will make your teeth completely clean and look like polished teeth. As gritty toothpaste cleaning is good, you can get this cleaning twice a year, but it is more dangerous than home toothpaste cleaning because it will remove the enamel of your teeth.

Expert Flossing

Whether you floss out your teeth at home or not, nothing can beat the flossing of an expert. An expert flossing can remove the remaining tartar from your teeth. Regular flossing cannot remove plaque completely, but expert dental hygienists can do it. Nashville family dentistry provides you with the best and most talented flossing services.


The last step is rinsing your mouth so that all remaining debris can be removed. Your dental hygienist will give you a fluoride liquid for this rinsing purpose. This fluoride-containing liquid will remove debris from your mouth, and your teeth cleaning will be complete. Dillard cleaning services will provide you with all the processes of cleaning your teeth.

All the answers to your related concerns regarding the process of teeth cleaning are given. Many people are worried about dental cleaning as they don’t know what happens during this process. Thus this article provides you with all information about dental cleaning and the best services of Nashville family dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are our professional teeth cleaning necessary?

If you are confused about whether professional cleaning is necessary or not, the answer is yes. Everyone faces teeth or gums problems because bacteria in your mouth break down the food into acid and cause cavities, holes, teeth breaking, or swollen gums. 

We all know that maintaining oral health is necessary because micro-organisms from our mouth transfer into our stomach and cause many complicated issues. It is essential to keep your teeth clean and healthy to prevent dental or oral problems. Teeth cleaning is also necessary for a better smile. Therefore dentists use dental exams to educate people about the side effects of not regularly cleaning your teeth.

Why do dentists use gritty toothpaste?

Dental hygienists use toothpaste that contains some amount of fluoride in it. This toothpaste helps in scraping the plaque and tartar from your teeth. It is better than the toothpaste you use at home as it completely cleans up your teeth and mouth. This helps in keeping you free from oral issues, dental problems, brushing, and flossing as it is the essential part of your life for a beautiful smile. 

Some microorganisms like bacteria love to destroy your teeth which is bad for your dental health. Gritty toothpaste is essential to protect your teeth from bacterial attacks but this polish can also break down the enamel of your teeth. To prevent this, you should avoid daily use of it as the best dentist in Nashville recommends it twice a year.

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