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Reasons and benefits of Company registration in Dubai

Dubai has always been the cynosure of business investors given the fact that it is the trading center of the Middle East. The recent market trends in Dubai present a large number of opportunities for the investor to tap into the resources that Dubai has to provide in the imports and exports of commodities, the developing tourist traffic of the city, the construction field, and more. So, if you wish to invest in a new business, then there are some reasons and benefits of Company registration in Dubai that you would be getting. Here we present to you those things that you need to understand. 

Before you take a big leap, you require to know the many facts related to a business setup in Dubai and avoid being misled. If you are really thinking about company registration in Dubai, then you exploit the potential of Dubai with a locally registered LLC company with a local sponsor at your side. Getting a company license from Dubai free zone gives you the added benefit of 100% ownership. You should also try to select the location that optimizes suitability, convenience, and costs of setup for your business. 

Company registration in Dubai

Company registration in Dubai permits entrepreneurs to experience the huge business advantages that the UAE has to offer. This is a popular choice among foreign investors for establishing a company mainly due to 100% foreign ownership, ease of doing business, tax savings, up-scales business infrastructure, topclass lifestyle, e-governance system, and growing business opportunities. 

Investors can select from a wide range of company registration options available in the sector. The business consultancy services in Dubai provide complete support for register a company in Dubai. Depend on your exact business needs and the nature of the business activity, the business professionals at Start Any Business (SAB) will guide you with the right choice for company registration in this sector.

Advantages Of Business Setup in UAE

Here are some advantages of business setup in UAE:

  • No currency restrictions
  • Flexibility to drive the company from any part of the UAE
  • A wide range of license types and business activities allowed
  • No corporate or personal tax
  • Ability to repatriate 100% of capital profits 
  • Easy availability of work visas

Why do People Setup Business in Dubai?

Here are some facts that attract the investors to set up business in Dubai:

  • Strategic location – Dubai has access both to the sea and has one of the largest airports in the world, through which Dubai facilitates the transportation of goods between the East and the West. 
  • No taxation policy – The oil-rich city has one of the highest per-capita incomes in the world. There are no personal income or capital gains taxes here. 
  • A hub of a multinational company – Many global big players such as LG electronics, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, Boeing, HSBC, Adidas, and BBC world have their regional offices in Dubai. 

Types of Licenses in Dubai

To incorporate a company in Dubai, there are many steps included. One of the most important steps is selecting a business activity to finalize the license. Without obtaining a license in Dubai, you can’t kick-start the operations. 

  • Business license Dubai –  Having a business license Dubai provides you a structure to regulate as well as permits you to attain several advantages. 
  • Trade license Dubai – Trade license is issued by the DED in Dubai. The trade license can also be obtained by companies registered in Dubai-free zones. The trade license Dubai can also be obtained by professionals providing in a specific industry. 

Company Registration Fees in Dubai

The cost of company registration in Dubai can differ based on the nature of the business. Company registration fees in Dubai are mostly straightforward and there are no hidden costs. The cost component is split mainly into the following headers broadly – Documentation and verification, visa processing, business license, and immigration. 

Get the best business consultancy services in Dubai

Start Any Business is a leading business setup consultancy in Dubai that helps you in establishing a business in Dubai. We have a team of skilled professionals who provide the best business consultancy services in Dubai. 

If you are looking for company registration in Dubai, we at Start Any Business (SAB) will guide you properly during the process. 


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