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In the arcade game pinball, a ball is launched and rolls inside a specially shaped cabinet called as a pinball machine. Which lights, bumpers, ramps, and other targets the ball will hit depends on the pinball machine’s design. You must score as many points as you can by hitting these targets and making various flipper shots before the ball is lost. In the majority of pinball machines, the game is ended when the ball(s) from the previous turn are lost. The leading pinball manufacturers in the past included Bally Manufacturing, Gottlieb, Williams Electronics, and Stern Pinball.

Early modern: Creation of outdoor and indoor ball games

The history of pinball is intertwined with the histories of many other games. Later, from bocce and bowls, two outdoor ball or stone rolling games played on a grass course, by striking the balls with sticks and propelling them at goals, frequently past obstacles, a variety of regional ground billiards games were evolved. Croquet, golf, and pall-mall variants were eventually developed from ground billiards. In need of citation

Indoor analogues ultimately replaced outdoor games that could be played on a table, like pool, or on the ground, like shuffleboard and bowling. These video games on computers developed into the forerunners of modern pinball.

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Star Wars Episode I (pinball)

The 1999 release of John Popadiuk’s Star Wars Episode I by Williams was the second (and last) pinball machine to make use of the Pinball 2000 hardware platform. The Phantom Menace, a Star Wars film, is presented as an example.

Following the debut of the company’s Star Wars Episode I and Star Wars pinball machines in June 1999, WMS Industries (Williams and Bally brands) announced on October 25 of the same year that their pinball division would be closing.

The conversion kit for Revenge From Mars came with a Star Wars Episode I playfield, game ROMs, a manual, cabinet decals, a translite, and a manual plunger.



The aim of the game is to become a Jedi Spirit. To get to the Spirit level, one must advance through the Youth, Knight, and Master levels, defeating Darth Maul with a light saber at each one. To proceed to the combat, one must finish every mode started at the Holoprojector; alternatively, they may select a letter at random from a variety of other sources.

These modes are included:

  • Deliver four hits to the center of the field during the ground battle to end the minigame and eliminate MTT.
  • Sub Escape: Complete the mini-game by repeatedly striking the center or the ramps.
  • To conclude the Hangar Escape mini-game after all Droids have been obliterated by attacks or lasers, press center.
  • Trip Jar Jar by striking the center, then collect three things to complete the mini-game.
  • For the podracing mini-game to end, hit three checkered flags.
    In order to win in Space Battle, you must take out every fighter by hitting them or using lasers before hitting the center.
  • The Sith Droids minigame is finished after three successful hits on the moving target.
  • To win the minigame, keep hitting center field, Astrodroid.
  • To win the Queen’s Game mini-game, you must hit all six cards. If you strike the center of the wheel after striking the cards with the ramps, the wheel will begin to spin. When a laser is shot, the wheel also rotates.
  • edi Click one of the three characters’ names when their names are presented to end the musical chairs minigame. The middle figure will always be called, and by using the ramps, they may be shifted to the left and right.
  • Watto’s Chance: To advance the dialogue, finish the minigame by continuously hitting center field or the ramps.
  • In Destroyer Droids, hit the moving target enough times to complete the mini-game.
  • By continually hitting the moving target in the Gungan Battle, you can complete the mini-game.

Star Wars (1992 pinball)

The Star Wars pinball machine was created by Data East in 1992. The first three Star Wars movies serve as its foundation. Twenty years later, there was a semi-official update to the game’s regulations that improved and changed them.

Star Wars Trilogy (pinball)

In 1997, Sega Pinball launched the Trilogy StarWars pinball machine. The first three movies in the Star Wars trilogy have an impact on it. The special editions of the movies were also released that year. The backbox has a 3D image that can be viewed using a lenticular lens, a first for the pinball industry.


There are six different modes in the heroics category. The ball is fired into the left inlane by the cannon when the top hole starts a mode. The modes comprise:

  • Leia commanded, “Choke Jabba the Hutt.” Leia tightens the chain around Jabba’s neck with each ramp blast, as seen on the display. Jabba’s three ramp attempts fail. The ramps succeed, reaching 200k, 300k, and eventually 400k. The mode lasts about 30 seconds.
  • Luke: Load the X-Wing and send the ball across the limiting lane in 30 seconds to win a 500k jackpot.
  • Chewie, rebuild C-3PO. Each orbit, ramp, and top hole grants a body part and accrues points. These are the four different point increments: 100, 200, 300, and 400.
  • C-3PO/R2-D2: Shoot the top hole three times to halt the trash compactor. Each shot generates 50k+ 100k.
  • Obi Wan commands you to fire light rounds in an effort to deceive the stormtroopers. The ramp is fired second, then the left orbit, and the right orbit is fired last. Each shot results in a score of 150k + 100k.
  • Han Solo, Mr. Be quick, please. Aim for the proper hole to dodge the slug. It all begins at 420k.

The player can choose between playing the conventional 3-ball game and a beginner game that guarantees a 2-minute game duration by turning on the ball saver at the start of the game. When the ball saver runs out of time, the first drain ends the match. When the game first starts, holding in the left flipper will activate League mode, while holding in the right flipper will activate Wizard mode.

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