islamabad vehicle verification
islamabad vehicle verification

MTMIS Islamabad Vehicle Verification Methods

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan always remains a step ahead when it comes to advancements. Talking about advancement related to MTMIS Islamabad Vehicle Verification, we have every information you need for your vehicle verification. Verifying your vehicle in Islamabad has become effortless. Since the pandemic hit the world everything is getting online. Keeping in mind Islamabad has always been the city to serve its residents with the best possible solution for everything they ever need. 


MTMIS Islamabad vehicle verification is a process to help you verify your vehicle verification or check the verification. If you ever bought a car from anywhere and you have doubts whether the vehicle is verified or not. This is where vehicle verification comes handy. You may be wondering from where you can find the vehicle verification online, don’t worry we are here with every bit of information for you so you don’t have to go around searching from unauthorized websites. 


The Excise and Taxation Department, Islamabad is the only authorized website from where you can check the vehicle verification. There may be several online pages that will redirect you to the website, to make it more easy for you here is the link to the Excise and Taxation Website. The main purpose of this website is to facilitate the general public with all their concerns related to vehicle verification and taxation issues. 


Before getting into the details, knowing about MTMIS Islamabad vehicle verification is important. The process of vehicle verification through online means is crucial. That is necessarily not important because we are here not just with the online method but every possible way for you to make your vehicle verification process seamless. 

Excise And Taxation Department Islamabad

Excise And Taxation Department Islamabad
Excise And Taxation Department Islamabad

The Federal Excise and Taxation Department developed an amazing online way for you to get your vehicle verified by launching the MTMIS Motor Transport Information Management System. It is an information system that has all the information regarding vehicle registration, vehicle verification, traffic laws, issues of driving licenses, as well as records of criminal offences and traffic rule violations. Whether you have a motorbike or any type of vehicle it can get registered online. 


Now let’s jump to the verification process and methods. We have broken down the entire process into a step by step procedure and mentioned some methods that you can use to easily verify your vehicle. This guide will not just cover the online method but will give you a brief knowledge on the rest of the methods that are also available for the vehicle verification process. 


Official Website 

Starting from the root of the solution the website Excise & Taxation Department Islamabad. The easiest and seamless method you can use to verify your vehicle verification. All you have to do is find the vehicle registration option and search for the online vehicle verification button and all you have to do is put in the needed information. 


Private Application 

There is a private application for mobile devices just so you can easily check your vehicle verification from the comfort of your couch. Although the application is not approved by the Excise and Taxation Department, it gives somewhat relevant results when you first use it. But it is strictly advised by the Excise and Taxation Department to use just the website that is the only authentic source for vehicle verification and registration. 


Personal visits

If you are in Islamabad it is always best to visit the Excise and Taxation Department for all your motor vehicle verification purposes. Situated at the Service Road Sector H-9/4, H-9 Islamabad near HEC building. 


Timing: 09:00 AM to 04:00 PM


Phone No : 051-9265588

WhatsApp: 03455232512


Email : [email protected]




  • Break Time for Jumma Prayer & Lunch 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM. (Friday Only)
  • Break time in working days other than Juma 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday are official holidays.


  1. SMS

If you find all the above mentioned methods somewhat hard to follow, there is another option for you and that is through SMS. to use this method all you have to do is insert your vehicle verification number and send it to 8521 from your cellular phone using a text message. Just after a few seconds of sending the SMS you will receive all the information that you need regarding your vehicle verification. This is far the most instant method you can use and it should be your first priority. 


Now that we have mentioned every possible way you can verify the verification process of your vehicle. It is always best to visit the Excise and Taxation Department in person if you have any query related to your motor vehicle verification. But there is an online way of doing it and you can also use the application and if not there is a way to do that through SMS. once you do the following information will be received:

  • Registration Number
  • Date of Registration
  • Type of Vehicle
  • Year of Manufacturing
  • Colour of the Vehicle
  • Engine Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Token Taxes Paid
  • Owner’s Name


Let’s discuss some mandatory documents that you will need when you check your vehicle verification in islamabad. 


  • Registration Book
  • Original Return File
  • Token Tax Record
  • Genuine Number Plates
  • Original Sale Invoice
  • Sale Receipt
  • Delivery Letter


Vehicle Transfer Process in Islamabad 

Vehicle Transfer Process in Islamabad
Vehicle Transfer Process in Islamabad

Now that we have covered the methods that will help you in your vehicle verification process let us move further to discuss the vehicle transfer process in Islamabad. 


First of all here is a checklist of documents that you will need and are mandatory for the vehicle transfer process. 


  • The documents that were prepared at the time when the deal was closed are known as the Sale Deed.
  • Original letter for transfer
  • A copy of your Smart card and your CNIC 
  • A copy of Smart card and CNIC of the person you are transferring the vehicle
  • Transfer orders
  • Urdu copy of transfer letter
  • Challan Form is must before submission
  • Your Vehicle Registration Book is also mandatory

Step By Step Process of Vehicle Transfer

The process is pretty straight forward when it comes to transferring the vehicle to any other person. Let us take a thorough look into the complete process of transferring the vehicle. 


Step 1: Firstly you have to inform the Excise and Taxation Department Office Islamabad about the transfer.

Step 2: Ideally, if the person is present with you to whom you are transferring the vehicle will make the process even simpler. 

Step 3: You will need to visit the Islamabad Court Office, located in the F-8 Markaz. From there you need to fetch the Challan Form. to complete filling the forms that you will have to fill. There will be vendors waiting to help you. It will cost you PKR 100 or 200/-. 

Step 4: you will have to post all the attested documents in the Islamabad Court Office. 

Step 5: The payment of the received challan will be paid through National Bank which is located opposite the Excise and Taxation Department. 

Step 6: Once you are done with all the attestation and verification of documents the seller/buyer needs to be physically present in front of a relevant officer. 

Step 7: The next step is to visit the counter where you will be asked to pay a fee of PKR 550/- after your documents are screened. Once done you will be given two receipts

Step 8: the given receipts will need to be presented at another counter where the member will give you another receipt that will have the date of delivery on which the vehicle will be transferred and a new book with owner information. 

Vehicle Transfer Fee 

Here are the complete details regarding the vehicle transfer fee and what you need to know about it. 


Vehicle Category Engine Capacity Amount
Private/Commercial Upto 1000 CC PKR 1200/-
Private/Commercial 1001 CC – 1800 CC PKR 2000/-
Private/Commercial Over 1801 CC PKR 3000/-


With all the above information our blog came to an end. All the given information has been taken from all the relevant and authentic websites. From verifying vehicle verification, vehicle verification fee and the vehicle transfer process all mentioned above with detailed information. We hope the given information is informative and will help you in the future. 


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