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Whenever you hire a moving company for a full-service move, they easily tell you a quote for your move considering all the factors affecting the costs. In a full-service move, you do not have to worry about anything. The moving company will do all the tasks. They will pack, load, transport, unload and unpack all your things on their own. You do not even have to worry about hiring trucks and other equipment for the move, as everything is covered under a full-service move. Hence, it is hassle-free. A moving company can also arrange PODS on request. You must be wondering what are the hourly rates for hiring movers by the hour.

      But many people do not know about getting moving help by the hour. People are always skeptical about whether or not they can hire movers by the hour. And the pricing is also not very known. Well, good news for you if you are looking to hire movers by the hour. It is very common, and many moving companies offer moving help by the hour. You may need a few men to move your furniture or maybe even your piano for a few hours. That’s when you will need movers by the hour.

Hiring Movers by the Hour

       You must be wondering what are the hourly rates for hiring movers by the hour. Hiring movers by the hour is way cheaper than hiring a full-service mover for a small job. Of course, the prices always vary from one company to another. The prices vary based on your location, the distance between the moves, and the complexity of your house, whether or not it has a lot of stairs or is located in a very narrow lane. The rates increases if you also opt for additional equipment, insurance, and extra helping hands. These factors account for the varying prices. After paying the movers, tipping them is totally optional and it is up to you. But we can all take a reference from a national average of hiring movers.

  • The rate for Two movers with one truck: $100 per hour
  • Charge for Three movers w/ one truck: $145 per hour
  • Cost for Four movers w/ one truck: $190 per hour
  • Fees for Four movers w/ two trucks: $200 per hour

How many movers do I need and for how long?

If you wonder how many movers you need and for what duration of time, then this table can help you. Most of the time, it only depends upon the size of your house and the distance between your moves to find the number of movers you need.

movers table

This table will help you determine the number of movers you will need based on the size of your house and the number of hours you will need them for based on the job you expect from them. 

When is the best time to move?

Moving companies are always ready to provide you with moving services whenever you need them unless it is moving season. You have to prebook the desired time slot during the moving season to complete your move because the moving companies are busier during this time of year. Weather-wise, the best time to move is during the spring months. It is neither too hot nor too cold. It is just the perfect time to move, but many people prefer to move during this time, so it’s difficult to get a moving company at your preferred time slot. If you are looking for a cheap move, go for a winter move. Due to low demands, you will get a moving company at a very low price. Summer moves are popular because many people are buying and selling their homes, and many moving activities take place during the summer. You are likely to get a high rate for selling your house during the summer and pay more for moving costs.

Also, whenever you are moving, try to choose a weekday to move. Usually, during the weekdays, the kids aren’t around, which makes moving much easier and stressless. Also, your neighbors aren’t around, so you won’t be disturbing other people. There will be less traffic on the roads, and you will have plenty of time to arrange your home during the weekdays and enjoy your weekend with family and friends and visit the new place. 

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