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India is a country well-known for its rich culture and diversity. In this sub-continent, you can find out different festivals are celebrated in different regions. However, most of the occasions signify the triumph of good over evilness. One such festival that is celebrated by most Indians is Deepavali. During this day sweets and other diwali gifts are exchanged between nearer and dearer ones.

The emergence of online portals has benefitted users in many ways. One can send his/her Deepavali wishes to someone in India with a few taps on his/her smartphone.

But you must understand that not all the showcased gifts are ideal for enriching your relations with closed souls.

There are 7 best Diwali gifts online that are perfect for elating dearer and nearer. For knowing those online gifts and for understanding the background of the Deepavali celebration have a quick read at the given below the content.

Why is Diwali celebrated in India?

There are many mythological stories for the commemoration of this auspicious occasion, however, there are two important stories related to the celebrations of Diwali in North and South India.

  • In the north, it is celebrated due to the returning of Lord Rama (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) after killing the demon king Ravanna.
  • While in the south it is commemorated because of the defeat of Narakasura by Lord Muruga.

Though stories differ, the main ideology of this occasion is that truth always wins.

Best Diwali Gifts Online

Elephant T-light Holder

An elephant is considered as a symbol of protection, good luck, and wisdom. These gigantic creatures represent elegance and royalty.

So, on this occasion sparkle your loved ones with an elephant hand-painted t-light holder. This intrinsically hand-painted hollow at the top for holding T-light is sufficient enough to glow up the occasion and recipient face.

At e-sites, you can also find other T-light designer holders at feasible prices. Therefore, buy and send this deepavali gift, for galvanizing your benevolent ones.

Panchamukhi Antique Ganesha Idol With Rich Milk Cake

Lord Ganesha is considered as the “god of gods” because he keeps his devotees free from worries and problematic life.

So, on this auspicious occasion keep your dearer and nearer ones happy and eliminate all their obstacles by presenting an antique Panchamukhi Ganesha idol. This gold-coated idol will ward off evilness in the home and bring prosperity.

Accompany it with a box of milk cake and sweeten the occasions. It is the best diwali gifts that are sure to please your benevolent souls. Nevertheless, this gift combo will convey how much you care for your beloved one’s welfare.  

Diwali Dry Fruits Hamper

Never forget to greet your older ones on this auspicious occasion due to a busy schedule. Gift them with a nutritious dry fruits hamper in a decorative box.

Look for the combo that has all the snacks items like pistachio, cashew, and so on. At the e-portals, you can also find these healthy snack gifts with the varied combination.

Choose the one which you feel the best from the leading sites and send it to your grandparents.

Let the unexpected gift delivery from a distance make them feel utmost happy and shower your care in a well-mannered way. It will bloom their hearts with happiness and surely the day will remain extra-special for them.

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Savory Sweet Hamper

Make your closed souls delighted on this Diwali by presenting a marvelous sweet gourmet hamper. The set consists of dark chocolate, Hawaiian Barbeque cheese, vegan gluten-free almond crisps, and mango dragees.

The leading sites offer many more combinations along with this hamper at a decent cost. Choose these Diwali sweets from the foremost page and flight to your dearer one’s doorway.

The fantabulous set is going to make your closed souls exhilarated and this combo will further strengthen the pathway between your bonds. 

Peacock Shaped Brass Diya

Peacock is a symbol of respect, honor, royalty, and integrity. Also, it is considered as a representation of beauty and love. Therefore on this day endear and honor your mom by presenting peacock-shaped brass Diya.

It will surely evade away the darkness in your home and will fill your beautiful residence with positive vibes. This gift will also add an elegant look to your mom’s pooja room.

Leading sites provide it in varied prices and designs and so choose the one that will flatter your mother’s heart. These diwali gifts online will definitely widen the smile on your mom’s face on this special occasion.

Doda Barfi & Kaju Katli

Satiate your sweet tooth bestie on this Diwali occasion with a box of Doda barfi and Kaju katli. The soft and grainy texture barfi will take your buddy to the moon on this day with its delicacy.

While the richness of dry fruits and thick milk in Kaju katli will touch his heart. At the leading sites, these sweet hampers are provided as a combo with the facility of same-day delivery.

So, intoxicate your loved ones on the divine occasion of Diwali by offering this sweet box. This gift combo will elevate the ambiance of the day and it will sweeten your bonds than ever before!

Dragees And Chocolate Gift Box

Flabbergast the day and your chocoholic kin by gifting dragees (sugar-coated nuts) and a box of dark chocolate.

At the foremost online sites, these scrumptious sets are provided with different combinations. So, enlighten your sib on this beautiful day by sending this unique combo.

These will be unique diwali gift ideas that are sure to excite your benevolent one on Diwali day. Let every bite of this gift express your affection to her and make your sib understand how much you value her likings.

Closing Lines

The above-mentioned are the top 7 online diwali gift hampers that you can send to your loved ones. Listed gifts are available in most of the leading sites at nominal costs.

So choose an ideal set from the given list and gratify your closed ones on this momentous occasion. Hope the content helps you to understand why Diwali is celebrated and aids to find the best Diwali gift hampers online! 


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