There are many properties in Istanbul, Turkey. Some of these properties are very luxurious and feature huge balconies with beautiful scenery. Others are equipped with smart systems that allow the owner to control their properties remotely. Other features of these properties include earthquake-resistant construction, central heating and cooling systems, and warning systems. Video connections are also available for guests to identify who is visiting the property. However, these facilities can cost an arm and a leg.


You can find Beylikduzu property for sale in the real estate market of Istanbul. These properties can be bought from owners, developers, and agents. You can also get a glimpse of them online. The links on the right will direct you to popular locations. Interested buyers can visit these websites to find out more about these properties. The prices of these properties vary considerably depending on location, but it is always a good idea to contact the seller before making a decision.


There are many benefits of buying Taksim, Istanbul property for sale. The Turkish economy is growing at a rapid rate, increasing the demand for real estate purchases. Additionally, foreign investors can benefit from various incentives and facilities in Turkey. Taksim Real Estate provides details about recent increases in house prices in Turkey, and their impact on real estate sales. Other benefits of buying Taksim, Istanbul property for sale include real estate residency, and abolishment of reciprocity laws.


You can find many properties for sale in Istanbul but what makes Galata so special? Whether you are looking for a holiday home or a place to buy a permanent residence, Galata properties have many benefits to offer. This central area has numerous amenities and is easily accessible by tram or foot. It is also a popular place for families. With so much to do and see, this is the perfect place to find an Istanbul property for sale.


There are many benefits of purchasing Nisanti property for sale in Istanbul. For example, the neighborhood is near a number of universities, including the American School of Istanbul. This makes the neighborhood a popular destination for students who want to escape the city’s high prices. Public transportation is also convenient, making it easy to reach the center of the city and other parts of the city. In addition, there are many cultural and artistic venues in the area.


A Sisli property for sale in Istanbul may be the ideal solution for those who want to live in a dynamic district close to the center of Istanbul. While the district is considered upmarket by some, it is actually an all-rounder, which appeals to middle-class buyers looking for city life with a touch of tradition. The area’s name, which means “skewers,” was given to the area by the wealthy Sisciler family. Up until the 17th century, this area was used as a hunting ground and graveyard. The area continues to enjoy a rich cultural history with many museums, churches and synagogues.


In Istanbul, Beyoglu is a highly coveted district, and many investors are looking for properties in this area. These properties are smaller than their counterparts in the suburbs, but are within walking distance of the city’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Beyoglu property for sale is a perfect option for investment purposes as it offers a high rental income and value appreciation. Here, you can find anything from a studio apartment to a three-bedroom mansion.

Beyoglu district

The Beyoglu district of Istanbul, Turkey, has a unique blend of cultures. In the early seventeenth century, western culture and Ottomans lived side by side in the district. The neighborhood was a center of cosmopolitanism and sophistication, with embassies, major hotels, and cites lining the streets. Emblematic landmarks included the U.S. Consulate building and Saint Mary Draperis church.

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