Overeating anything can become the reason for a health problem. If you think of what I am talking about, then let me make it clear and straightforward? Many of you might love to have acidic food, but have you ever thought consuming too much acidic food can become a severe reason for your health problem? I think the answer is no. 

Impact of Acidic Foods on your health. 

You must have heard about the term pH balance; this pH balance of the food we eat entirely depends upon the basicity or acidity of the soil where it grows. Our body has its pH balance, and to stay healthy, we need to main the Ph balance in our body. Our body internally releases different types of acids so that the pH balance can be maintained.
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Now, if you start consuming too much acidic food, the body’s pH balance gets disturbed. According to some of the researcher, we are drinking too much of acidic food harm the body. But how will you know whether the food you are eating is acidic or not? The answer lies in the article. Keep on reading!

 Definition of Acidity in one line

Acidity can be referred to as pH balance. The pH value identifies the amount of acid present in the food, water, or anything. The pH of 0 is considered the highest level of acidity, the pH of 7 or near about is said to be neutral, and the lowest is the pH of 14. 

According to the doctors, the right amount of pH in our blood should be between 7.35 to 7.45. And the pH value of the stomach should be around 3.5 so that the stomach can digest the food easily. Our different body parts have their pH levels. 

Consumption of Acidic Foods

There is a different food source that is profuse with various amount of pH levels. Here are some of the examples of food and its pH levels.

Food Source pH value
Limes 0.4
Green grapes 2.4
cucumber 2.0
spinach 1.5
Potato (cooked) 1.7
Oranges 1.8
raisins 9.0

The name, as mentioned above, of the food source, is some examples of acidic foods. There is the side effect of overeating acidic food. Some common side effects are Listlessness, Headaches, acid reflux, poor digestion, brittle hair and nails, mood swings, headaches, acne, etc.

You can’t even think, but a minor case of acidosis can ascend the free-radical, reducing the cellular energy. Moreover, too much acidic environment can become a breeding room for bacteria and viruses.

Acidic fruits or vegetables can help in metabolism, but at the same time, it has some harmful effects on the body in the long term. 


Effects of overeating Acidic Foods

Overeating acidic food can lead to chronic health issues. Here are some of them.


Consumption of too much acidic food can cause stomach issues or sore Throat. Acid Reflux is one of the common problems we encounter when our body gets too acidic. And If the person is suffering from a sore throat, then acid reflux can make it worse.

It can cause vomiting, nausea, stomach ulcer, gastric disorder. Suffering acid reflux can become a critical situation. Too much consumption of junk food, dairy, eggs, meat, or sugar can affect the pH level of the stomach adversely.

Affect the Skin

Acidic Foods can also affect the skin of the body. Whatever you use to make your body look beautiful, nothing can give you healthy skin if you don’t leave acidic eating food. If anyone consuming too much acidic food, then you will notice internal damage to your skin.

If the body’s pH balance is high, the skin will start suffering skin eruptions, eczema, acne, rashes, etc. For healthy skin, include alkaline-based food in your diet.
Acidic food can cause allergies in your body.

Consumption of acidic food can attack the teeth enamel. One of the most significant side-effects of acidic food is dental erosion. You heard it right. Acid erodes the tooth enamel. The acid and calcium together react with each other, and as a result, you get a corrosive effect on the teeth.

Acid can adversely affect the alkaline organs such as the pancreas, liver, etc. Consumption of too much acidic level can disturb the pH balance of the pancreatic juice and bile present in the pancreas and liver. Due to disturbed pH balance, you may have to suffer ulcers, kidney stones, and cancer.

Now that you know about the different effects of Acidic Foods, you must have understood how dangerous it could be to have an excessive amount of acidic food. To neutralize the effect, you have to add alkaline food into your diet.


How to avoid being too Acidic?

If you want to get rid of the acidic body, you have to start walking on the path of alkaline food. Don’t worry, and this is not so difficult. You have to comprehend the trick of a counter diet very well. If you eat 30% of acidic food, you have to include 70% alkaline food in your diet. Let’s have a look at how you can consist of 70% of alkaline food.

  • Go Green

You have to switch into that Acidic Foods naturally alkalizing, such as fruits, seeds, nuts, and roots. An increasing amount of alkaline food and vegetable will automatically reduce the effect of the acid. You have to comprehend what is amount of acid is profuse in fruit or vegetable. 

You can eat Avocados, Kale, beetroot, cucumber, etc.

  • Intake acidic food as per the diet chart

Yes, it will be hard to cut off your favorite food such as meat, eggs or sugar, etc., but to reduce the effect of acidic food, you can minimize daily consumption amount to less than 30%.

  • Drink Alkaline water. 

 Wate may be tasteless, but it has lots of benefits associated with it. But most of us don’t drink enough amount of water. Water can itself release the toxic of the body. While drinking the water, try to drink the alkaline water with an average pH level of 9 which will automatically reduce the acidic effect of the body.  

Final Thoughts

For acid reflux, doctor mostly prescribes Sildenafil Citrate 150mg to their patient to quickly deal with the problem. But taking medication for every health problem is not a complete solution. Try to opt for a natural solution. Remember that your goal is to reduce the acidic level of the body.

You can do it naturally without any medication. People have to change your diet plan a bit. You have to go for an alkaline life. You have to make a chart of food source and their pH level and then eat the food with standard acid. Drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits, and don’t forget to exercise. If you follow all of these, you can easily prevent your body from a chronic disease.

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