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Shipping methods and the most important features.. Everything you want to know about the tugs of PUBG


Pubg wedges, or charging Pubg wedges are terms that you will not find among game lovers, but the matter may be confused for new players and they may wonder what are wrenches, what are their advantages and how to make the most of them, as well as the best and easiest ways to ship them, so in this article we will answer all Your questions about the severity of the buggy, so let’s start:


What are the intensities of pubg


PUBG UC or (PUBG UC) is a virtual currency designed specifically for the game PUBG that is used to purchase special items within the game, such as knives, weapons, costumes, etc., and enables players to activate the Royal Pass, which allows players to obtain many gifts that distinguish them within the game and enhance They win all the battles they fight.


Buying pubg kits


Now that we know what wedges are, it’s time to tell you about the best site to buy pubg wedges in Saudi Arabia.. My cards site, which specializes in selling prepaid cards, gift cards, the Internet, and games, is the best value, price, and security in the Kingdom, all you have to do is You create an account on the site, and then you choose the category of the PUBG card that you want, put it in the basket and choose the appropriate payment method for you, and once you complete your purchase of the card, you will receive its code immediately on the email you registered with on the site.


How to ship pubg widgets


Now that we know the best site to buy Buggy wedges, let us tell you that there is more than one way to ship Buggy so that you don’t get confused, all the ways we’ll talk about here, the cards for them you’ll find are all available in an easy and safe way and at the best prices on bitaqaty site that we told you about earlier


A- Recharge PUBG widgets via iTunes cards


Users of iPhone, iPad and iOS devices can purchase PUBG wedges through iTunes cards, all you have to do is charge your Apple wallet, enter your account in the PUBG game, click on the wedges sign, and then buy the quantity you want and choose a method Pay using the iTunes balance in your Apple Wallet.

B- Charging PUBG widgets through Google Play cards


Similar to iPhone users, Android phones and devices can also buy or ship شراء شدات ببجي through Google Play cards, and in the same way.. Recharge the Google Card balance on your account, enter the PUBG game using the account you want to charge the wedges to, then Click on the wedges sign and buy the quantity you want and upon payment choose to pay using Google Play balance.


C- Charging Buggy’s widgets through Buggy cards


This method is the easiest of all of them, just all you have to do after buying the appropriate category for you is to enter the official shipping site for the game from here


And then log in to the site using your account in the PUBG game to which you want to charge the wedges and enter the code of the card that you purchased, and finally click on the word Redeem and you will receive the wedges on your account immediately


Information you may not know about the PUBG game

After we talked about PUBG and شحن شدات ببجي , the time has come now to talk about some information that most players may not know about the PUBG game, which are:


* The fastest car in the PUBG game is the Dacia car or as it is called The Dacia, which is considered the best as it travels at a speed of 129 km / h and can carry 4 people (players) any full team


* Many may not know that the development of the PUBG game was not easy or easy, as the development did not depend on programming only, but also representation to simulate the movements of characters within the game such as running, driving, jumping, etc., and weapons are simulated by the standard and simulated with details, small particles and even sounds In order to offer players an optimal and complete gaming experience.


* Have you ever thought about the meaning of Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner? Well, the meaning of this phrase goes back to antiquity in the Middle Ages when hunger became a threat to humanity, so bets were made among people at that time, and the winner was called this phrase, meaning that he would finally get his food or dinner full of chicken because of the money he won.


* The PUBG game has broken many records in the world of online games, for example:

The most active game on Steam

– The best selling game on Steam in 2017

– According to Sensor Tower, the weekly earnings of Buggy are estimated at more than 6.1 million dollars


* Buggy game designer named Brendan Greene, who is 43 years old and is of Irish nationality, and for the record, Buggy was not his first game that he developed, as he developed many other games, but they did not receive success, and Brendan was able to achieve a fortune estimated at $ 200 million only in Within 4 months of the popularity of the PUBG game.


* Of course you know the Erangel map, but do you know what is the secret of this name? Well, let us tell you that the name of the map came after the name of his son Brendan Greene, the game designer. Pubg game called Erangel.


* PUBG game, its idea revolves around the struggle, the art of survival to the end, whether by hiding, or by killing the rest of the players and outperforming them. game play. The story of the film was about 50 high school students kidnapped from Japan and then placed in a desert-like land and forced to fight each other until only one gets out alive from this conflict, and the story of the film is also adapted from the novel of the same name published in 1999.


* You may know that PUBG is an acronym for player unknown battlegrounds, but have you ever wondered what the phrase Player Unknown means? In fact, if you translate the name of the game literally, you will find its Arabic meaning is “The Unknown Player’s War Ground.” However, the phrase “Unknown Player” is still meaningless, but you will be surprised to know that the phrase is the Username of the game developer character when he was playing ARMA 2 As he was not interested in writing a default name, he always took the default name that the game suggested to him, and his character was very popular within the game, and when he developed PUBG, he decided to call it “The Unknown Player’s Worland


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